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Dragon Legend Junk is unique luxurious cruises of Indochina Junks that is one of the most luxurious cruise to discover Halong Bay – Tonkin Gulf, Vietnam. To be Legend Dragon Cruiseremarkable cruise in the legend bay – the name of cruise assert the 5-star cruise of Halong Bay. The unique of Dragon Legend cruise manifests the value of designing, color, service, journey, food, beverage, responsible travel, community travel, safety & reservation of the natural wonder of the world.

  • The cruise’s designing is symbol of Golden Dragon.

Halong Bay’s legend means “where descending of Mother Dragon to help Vietnamese people fighting again the foreign enemy”, Dragon Legend Cruise’ name mean it like that legendary story. The designing of cruise bring the feeling of Vietnamese tradition, style, culture & history to travelers that is cabins, bars, restaurant’s designing look very traditional but also being modern & amused.

  • The itinerary is very particular, is not popular travel routes like others.

 The journey to discover Bai Tu Long Bay & Halong bay where to bring travelers reaching up the wild of beauty of limestone islands & islets, small beaches & remote Legend Dragon Cruise  Cabinfloating village in the Tonkin gulf.

  • The best service is coming from the Dragon Pearl Team’s heart.

The principle of working in the cruise teams is working hard, helpful, smile & hospitable to bring for travelers a great – memorable trips in Halong bay, we are working from our heart. The trip must manage of first step in Hanoi to boarding is the perfect circle of processing work, all that to do the trade mark of the legend story on the Dragon Legend Cruise.

  • The original cuisine on the cruise

The cuisine on cruise is very unique dishes, cooking by qualified chef, offer the very delicious food of local seafood & other Vietnam regions

  • The valuable culture of designing on cruise

Exploring Halong bay on Dragon Legend Cruise, traveler will stay on cruise that was designed to show you understating about Vietnam culture, history & talent. The Legend Dragon Cruise Sundeckcruise’s architecture is very special items that made by the skilled craftsmen, it bring travelers the artistic work to connect Vietnam culture while traveling on Dragon legend Cruise.

  • The value of community of cruising on Dragon Legend Cruise

Thanks to the goals takes traveler to know Vietnam culture & reserve, protect the Halong bay’s green environment. Therefore the material to make cruise & traveler’s service is very friendly & ecological with environment. Cruise team opens the campaigns to clean the Halong bay’s environment by collection of garbage on the beaches and anywhere of the bay.  That is very memorable activities of Halong Bay trip for travelers.

  • The safety is first while travel on cruise.

Dragon Pearl Cruise was made & followed the processing quality of Vietnamese government in Hai Phong city, the equipment’s cruise such as VHF Radio, GPRS, fire alarm system, and fire extinguishers… all that be hourly double-checked. In the bedrooms, balcony’s area are equipped the life-jackets, lighting system, fire alarms, fire extinguishers & hammer, to be put on the convenient places to use, when traveler need them to rescues.Legend Dragon Cruise Halong

The staffs, crews, captains are well-trained about safety, service & emergency. When the trip is cruising to visit Halong bay, guides & crews will explain, introduce how is to use when you need to do it.

  • The cruise’s technique

Cruise was built basing on the steel fame of the best & safest, in order to Dragon Legend Cruise offers the luxurious services for the excellent trip to visit Halong bayThe cruise numbers: 2, Length: 67,94 m, Width: 11.80 m, Employee: 35, Luxury Cabins: 24, Dining rooms: 2, Sundecks: 2 and Kitchen: 1​.


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