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Junk's Overview: Halong Dragon Pearl Junk has the length of 32 meters, width of 8meters, the best materials as wood was built the Dragon Pearl Junks by well-skilled craftsmen. The junks was designed following the traditional style of Chinese Junks that is three traditional sails to open up.

The Junk’s Cabin is width of 9 meters, has comfortable amenities such as air-conditioning, private bathroom & luxurious interiors.

Junk's Facilities & Amenities: The junks has a luxurious restaurant & bars that made by oak & teak-wood on the third floor, this area is very spacious capacity of 36 seats, where is very romantic at night for couple or family to enjoy the dinner. The cabin of Captain is placed in the front of Junk where is very airy & cool to open the view of the natural wonder – Halong bay, where to read an interesting book or to sip a cup of tea or drink a cold beer while the sunset coming or stand on & look over in the early morning while the sunrise up. All things are unique value of Dragon Pearl Junks.

Junk's area to use: Total area of Dragon Junks is 150 2 meters, 15 sundeck chairs that is wonderful place to enjoy the imposing of Halong bay – Natural wonder of the world.

Safety on Dragon Pearl Junks: To be sure foe the safety-first for travelers coming to visit Halong bay on Dragon pearl Junks that are equipped the safety-gears such as 80 life jackets, 40 buoys & 4 canoes to rescue, if the junk-wrecked, 1  4 fire-extinguishers, 4 water-spouts & GPS, VHF Radio, 27 loudspeakers of alarm system. 

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