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The beauty of people in Southwest of Vietnam

To the Southwest of Vietnam, back to the wrong garden, back to the vast river, with exciting experiences, impressive views on the people here.

The people of Southwest are famous for their generosity, honesty, not only that they live and express their affection for each other sincerely through the rustic words. This is because their daily life is a harmonious living between the Kinh people, Hoa people, Cham people and Khmer people. In each people, they have their own customs and religions, but the people of Southwest live in harmony, respect each other.


People in here can easily change their way of life, their place of residence, and many people are willing to give up their land to new lands in hopes of changing their lives. Southern culture appreciates the bravery, dare to accept the move. Main occupations are farming and livestock.The people of Southwest are famous for being hospitable, friendly, willing to travel home-stay, and they offer food and drink with their families as good friends.





Famers are fishing





Picking coconuts for tourists




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