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Ban Pho Village - Sapa tours

Ban Pho village Location in  Bac Ha district, Lao Cai province. Ban Pho is a 7 km return trip from Bac Ha.  Ban Pho village  This is the village of Black H’Mong and Flower H’Mong. It’s beautiful scenery on spring (February and March) as the plum flower bloom everywhere. Especially Ban Pho is very famous for its specialty “corn wine”.

Ban Pho village

Ban Pho village’s characteristics: When you visit Ban Pho village, you visit not only highland tourist sightseeing and also enjoy special corn wine of Sapa

From Bac Ha Town, you can follow winding road, winding clinging to the slopes of the Hoang Lien Son mountain around 4km. The bottom is the color green valleys of young corn and rice ...; two side of the road, they are the plum forests Tam Hoa as far as the eye… You will drop off in Ban Pho village.

Ban Pho village is the oldest area of Mong people. There are more than 500 500 households with 3,000 people. The Hmong live in bungalows following cold style countries. They make house clinging to the cliff or mountainside. Their floor is often lower and sheltered. Their house is made often by wood and there is a fireplace, drying meat for all year, dishes “men men” .Moreover, tourists will be attracted by specialties of ethnic people here such as “thang co” – a mixture of all parts of horses, ox, buffalo, pig, especially corn wine in Ban pho. Ethnic people here are very proud of corn wine.

H’Mong people had settled down in the village a very long time ago and they built their houses on high slopes and roofed them with Pomu wood. Please come to visit Ban Pho with Impress Travel !!!




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