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Visiting Caves and grottos in Halong Bay

02:10:00 03/10/2015

Visiting Caves and grottos in Halong Bay


Halong Bay is not only attractive tourist by blue water and thousands of limestone islands and islets, it is also the most imposing wonder by the limestone of system grottoes and caves. Your trip will departure from the tourist harbor, hip on the boat that will bring you to visit and discover the most beautiful cave in halong bay – Visiting Halong bay is one a natural heritage of Vietnam, it is one highlight of Vietnam Tours with Impress Travel.Cave in halong bay


Sung Sot Caves


Sung Sot Cave – Surprising Cave in Halong Bay is located in the central area of the World Heritage – Natural Wonder of the World – Halong Bay, Sung Sot Cave is located in Bo Hon Island – That is Limestone Island. The cave is a large cave and the most beautiful of cave in the bay. The cave with very unique formation of stalagmite & Stalactite with special shapes in anywhere of cave. When you visit Sung Sot Cave, you will follow up the way by steeping on stone steps to the door of cave, it is so steep but easy to climb & walking inside the cave.

Cave is divided into two main chambers, the first chamber is a big theater immense. Cave's ceiling is covered with a layer of stalactites hanging down with various shapes & colors with stone statues, stone elephants, seals, raspberries, flowers ... all seem you are dreaming and imagine of the world inside the cave. When we entered the second chamber with a very narrow way to connect the second room.  A rushing stream in bright light, cave opens up a completely new & strange landscape, vast cave’s chamber can contain thousands of people as a theatre. Go into this chamber also very strange things, like the big tree with a lot of branches, you will see & imagine about sea bears, dinosaurs ... Go to the highest point the door of cave, it is high point to take a view of Ha Long Bay, you can take a nice pictures of halong bay from high point.

The tender will bring you from cruise to the pier for climbing 50 steep steps and go down about twenty stone steps, the cave is a height of about 25m above sea level & the cave’s area is at 10,000 m2 with thousands of stalagmites and stalactites. The cave with a system way to visit along & around the cave, the way from enter to exit of way inside the cave, it is about 500 meters. You will be guided by Impress Travel’s tour guide about a lot of stories about the cave, to be spurring by stories from the various and colorful of the stalagmites & stalactites’ formation.Visiting halong caves and grottoes


Halong Thien Cung Cave


Thien Cung in Vietnamese “ Thiên Cung”, it means in English” Heavenly Palaces Caves” . It’s location at 4 km from Halong city, it is very near Dau Go cave and basing on Dau Go limestone Island.

It is one of the most beautiful & vastest cave in Halong bay, it is about 10.000 Square meters, going inside cave look like a paradise, that means call this cave - Heavenly Palace. It is very spacious and formations with a lot of floors and very high ceiling. . The cave becomes famous thanks to a unique system of stalactites and stalagmites with different forms and shapes.


Drum Cave (Hang Trong)


Halong is known for thousands of islands & islets with strange shapes, and the sparkling stalactites inside the caves & grottoes. Besides Halong bay also is well-known the legendary stories, Hang Trong or Drum cave is regarding the legend of boy & girl’ that means the name of the cave, the cave is called in Vietnamese Hang Trong & Hang Trinh Nu, in English you understands that means the cave for boy & the cave for virgin girl.

Located the two arc doors of mountain of Bo Hon chain of islands and more than 3km from Sung Sot Cave and 15 km from tourist port – Bai Chay.

This cave is one of famous caves in Halong bay, but is not touristy area. The wild of cave will remain on the this visiting place and be admired the exotic beauty of the stalactites and stalagmites, especially stalagmite statue is shaped like a girl with long hair and other stalagmite statue is shaped like a boy who is looked Halong bay vietnamtoward the girl statue side.


Dau Go Grottos:


Hang Dau Go is one of Vietnam's most beautiful cave, to be located on Dau Go Island in Halong Bay, It is 6km far away from Bai Chay tourist port. Dau Go cave is large at 5,000 m2, the entrance to go inside the cave with 17 m of width 12 m heights. Dau Go cave situated at an altitude of 27 meters over sea level, the same age with Thien Cung grottoes’ formation – It was formed in the late period of Pleixtocen about 2 million years to today. Dau Go cave concentrates a lot of stalagmites and stalactites, these are looking like as a complex of ancient architecture. Dau Go Cave displays the ancient beauty, the peace and neglecting, traveler will see the big stone columns, stone pillars, stalagmites, stalactites so that Dau Go Cave looks like as a HEAVEN. The cave divided into three chambers. The first compartment with stalactites system that has many familiar images to life: lions, pythons, turtles, and even a pair of fighting cock’s image... The second chamber, starting with a monumental painting picture, it is an images of the rocks with the waves in the middle of ocean. The 3rd compartment, it is the image of huge stone pillars.


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