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Ta Van Village



Overview of Ta Van Village:


Ta Van village is home of Dzay or Giay people, it is located in the valley of Muong Hoa River, 7 kilometers from Sapa town. Travallers follow down the main road, then walking to Ta Van village or following the rice terraces's buffalo trails to trek up and down to Ta Van villages.


What do to see in Ta Van?


  • Trekking around Ta Van village, trek down along the Muong Hoa river
  • Visit local family - Dzay ethnic minority ( Talking to know about the culture, customs, tradition of Dzay People)
  • Visit Ta Van Primary Ethnic Minority School
  • Take photograpth of Muong Hoa river and Ta Van valley
  • Take photograhth with local Dzay Ethic People ( Should ask them when you take a picture or tell your tour guide arrange this act to you)
  • If you have a day trip from Sapa to Ta Van village, there are a community restaurant where travelers have lunch and watch the Dzay's traditional music, performances.
  • If your tour arrange for 2 days and homestay. Ta Van village is very good place for you to stay over night here.  There are more 20 families to set up the house to welcome travelers stay overnight here. The Dzay house is very clean and contructed as house on stilts, the house have a western bathroom, mat, mosquito-nets, pillow, sheet, blanket. It is basic amenity for stay overnight.
  • Have a dinner with Dzay People, Ethnic people will make a dinner or show the guest how to cook the food, finnally enjoy the dinner and drink Dzay Ethnic Alcohol that makes from corn or water rice.
  • Enjoy the local beer after the hard trek in the late afternoon the local beer will sell at price - 15.000 VND / Can.
  • Enjoy the breakfast with Dzay people, after well-sleeped then enjoy breakfast is cooked by Dzay, you will try something like Pancake with honey bee, chocolate and banna and with a cup of coffee or vietnamese tea.


The most beautiful pictures of Ta Van village's Dzay People.


Rice terrace in Ta Van village

Ta Van village

Trekking via Ta Van village

Ta van village trekking

Suspension bridge in Ta Van village

Suspension bridge in Ta Van village

Ta Van Village's Dzay People

Ta Van Rice Terrace


The primary school in Ta Van village, Sapa



This is one of the few well-built schools in the hills for children.


The primary school in Ta Van village, Sapa


The school is located in Ta Van commune, where most people live. The school is a place to raise children in mountainous areas, so that children get more knowledge, more mature.


The primary school in Ta Van village, Sapa


Ta Van village's valley in the winter, Sapa



As you know Sa Pa is a fog city. But in winter, dew in Sa Pa is denser, making the scene mysterious, mysterious. Sa Pa winter, fog wrapped throughout the day. Sometimes there are small rains. Wind, rain, fog, clouds sweeping in, clinging to people and scenery.


Ta Van village's valley in the winter


The surprise appearance of a ray of sunshine will bring strange delight. Ta Van village's valley appears in the sunshine extremely majestic, a beautiful scenery..


Ta Van village's valley in the winter


Dzay Ethnic Minority Group


Dzay people, where are they to find them out in Sapa? That is on the main trekking way as well-known Ta Van village, where is your home land here – Ta Van.

Giay People in Sapa

Traditional Dance of Giay People


Traditional Dance of Giay People


Roóng Pooc Festival in Ta Van Village


Festival in Ta Van Village


Giay People in Ta Van Village


Giay People in Ta Van Village


Homestay in Ta Van Village



Homestay in Ta Van Village, Sapa. Where traveler to stay-over night with ethnic people - Giay People in Ta Van village. The slide show the best photos for travelers to understand how is home-stay like in Ta Van village. Ta Van village is one highlights of visiting place on Sapa tours.



Tours to visit Ta Van village:


  • Hanoi Sapa tour package tour 2 days / 3 nights
  • Sapa Bac Ha Market: 3 Days
  • Ta Van Trekking: 2 days / 1 night
  • Sapa Hard Trek: 5 days
  • Sapa by Train: 3 Nights


Ta Van Village Map





If you like to book tour to visit Sapa Ta Van village, please visit more tour about Sapa - Impress Travel 


Day 1: Sapa - Y Linh Ho Village - Lao Chai Village - Ta Van homestay




 Sapa - Y Linh Ho Village - Lao Chai Village - Ta Van homestay
  • Impress Travel - Sapa tours Team will pick you up from your hotel in Sapa town
  • Then we trekking from Y Linh Ho to Lao Chai village
  • Have picnic lunch on trekking way
  • Ta Van village 
  • Homestay in Ta Van Village's Giag Ethnic People
  • Enjoy the dinner that cooking by Giay People and Tour Guide, this chance to try the local alcohol that make from water rice or corn by Giay People. After dinner we will have a chat and talking with them to study about the culture, tradition, customs.
  • Ẹnoy the sleeping in the hill tribe village with fresh air and opening nature.

Day 2: Ta Van village - Giang Ta Chai village - Sapa


Ta Van village - Giang Ta Chai village - Sapa
  • Good morning Ta Van village then enjoy breakfast that make by tour guide.
  • Good bye Ta Van & Homestay Family
  • The more adventurious trek through rice terraces and bamboo forest, suspension rattan bridge in/to Giang Ta Chay village where is an area of land's Giay People and Red Dzao People.
  • We will trek up to main road then the car will be await to bring you up back to Sapa town 
  • Impress Travel - Sapa tours will say good bye you and leave the momorable trip on the experienced trekking.


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