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Halong Bay Travel Tour information, Vietnam

Halong bay (Bay is place for dragon to  descend, Ha means Descending, Long means dragon ) It is a  small bay, in north of Vietmam, the western coast of the Gulf of Tonkin, East Sea, Halong bay is covering the islands & islets of Ha Long City , Cam Pha town and a part of Van Don island  district of Quang Ninh province.Halong Bay Vietnam

I is a center of a vast area so there are many factors at similarities in geology, geomorphology, landscape, climate and culture, Bai Tu Long Bay in the northeast and Cat Ba Island in southwest, Halong bay restricted area of about 1,553 square kilometers includes 1,969 islands, mostly limestone islands, which are the core of an area of 335 km² and group of 775 islands. Tectonic history of  a bay of limestone spent about 500 million years to the ancient geographical circumstances that is very different and evolution is fully of Karst over 20 million years, with a combination of factors such as thick limestone floors, hot and humid climate.

Halong bay’s value is a combination of environment, climate, geology, geomorphology, Ha Long Bay has become a clustered biodiversity of ecosystems that are including green forests, moist tropical and coastal ecosystems coast with many sub-ecosystems. 14 endemic plant species and 60 endemic animal species have been found among the thousands of animal and plant colonization in Halong Bay.

Legend Name of Halong Bay: Halong Bay has an ancient times of the tectonic. However, in the mind of Vietnamese people, According to Vietnamese folk imagination and ideas of Dragon and Fairy, the legends suggest that when Vietnam was recently established country that was invaded by oversea enemy, known that, Ngoc Hoang - Gods sent family dragon that includes Mother Dragon and her Child Dragons descended to help the Vietnamese people to fight again the enemy.  Invaders' boats were rushing to the sea shore while family dragons descended on earth. The dragons immediately ejected fire burn the enemy ships, remain of a part spited out the pearls these turned into imposing stone walls make the enemy ships that collided shattered, stopping the advance of Gentiles.

After the victory, saw the ground peaceful scene, lush vegetation, and the people here to diligence, hard work and solidarity to help each other, Mother Dragon and her Child Dragons did not return Heaven but stayed on earth – Halong Bay, where which took place battle to forever protect the Great Vietnamese people. The location Mother Dragon landed was Ha Long; Children Dragon landing place is Bai Tu Long and place for landed the white tail is the Bach Long Vi.

Then there are other legends says that in the other period when the country against foreign invaders, a dragon along the river down to the sea and landed in the northeast coastal region as a sure step forward wall of enemy navy. Boat in sheltered accommodation for the country known as Halong.Halong Bay

Islands & Islet: According to the Ha Long Bay Management Board, in total, there are 1,969 islands in Halong bay, among of them there are 1921 limestone islands and many islands have a height of about 200m. The famous island & islets in halong bay:  Dinh Huong Island, Ga Choi IslandDog Island, Sail Island, Ti Top Island, frog island, Ngoc Vung island and Tuan Chau Island

Cave & Grottoes in Halong Bay: Thien Cung Cave, Dau Go Cave, Sung Sot Cave, Drum Cave ( Trong Cave).

Halong Tours: Halong tours are the package tours from Hanoi to Halong,  to explore the natural wonder and heritage of the world. To recommend the best cruises & Junks for cruising tour & overnight in Halong Bay.  Halong Bay Discovery – 2 days, Halong bay tour - Full day, Halong Bay Kayaking – 3 days, Halong Seaplane Tours, Halong Helicopter Tours, Halong Dragon Legend Cruise, Bai Tu Long Bay Tours, Cat Ba Island Tours and Quan Lan Island Tours.

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